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The steps needed to rebuild industries start with information gathering.

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We work with all tourism industry sectors - be they based in different countries, cities or towns - to establish protocols.

How do we start opening Tourism effectively?

Voices – An inclusive South African representation is needed if we are going to understand how the Tourism Industry can re-open during Lockdown restrictions.

The steps

Requests (percentage increases)
Every step that is tested while implementing relevant Protocols serves as evidence. To gather evidence, we need feedback from you as relevant stakeholders of the Tourism Industry.
Although some business owners have had opportunities to put their cases forward through Associations, many individuals have not. If the Tourism Industry is to re-open, and remain sustainable, both inclusion and representation is the key to understanding Protocol implementation.
Health, education and psychological benefits
In society, there is a need for a work-life balance. Regardless of the balancing act - be it leisure activities built into one’s ordinary day – e.g. mealtimes, social connection, and sport, – they are vital. The smallest measures put in place can have a major impact on this work-life balance. Hence, every possible effort should be made to optimise this when developing COVID-19 protocols.

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